From 1st August 2020 Customer must book and use their own courier on both ways - Kenwood Chef Service Ltd.  no longer charge and book courier  to collect and return your mixer 

Deliveries are responsability of the customer and carriage  and is not parts of the Contract between Kenwood Chef Service Ltd and the customer. -  Please read our T&C  for more information 

This is not open street shop : Drop and collect from our premises  is by appointment only 


Use a rigid corrugated cardboard box with flaps intact. No smaller than 18"x18"x14" (45cm Long x45 High x35 Wide)

Consider strength, cushioning and good shock absorption performance.

Under-filled boxes will collapse, overloaded ones will burst.

Put the mixer in the centre of the package ensuring it does not touch the sides. It should be well cushioned on all sides, including top and bottom, to prevent the contents from moving.

Use strong tape.

When re-using a box scrub out all old labels including any old hazardous material indicators.

Place a duplicate address label inside the parcel, in case the outer label is destroyed.

Double Boxing will ensure your mixer is fully protected.

Place loose fill chips into bags, as they get stuck inside the motors.

More packing Advice - Click Here!

You MUST protect the speed control knob as they get broken easily and we have NO replacements.

If you pack your mixer on its side, it MUST have the control knob SIDE UP!

We strongly recommend you pack your machine well with bubble wrap or scrunched newspaper